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EBS Testimonials

Tauranga Art Gallery

EBS were the selected HVAC contractor for the Tauranga Art Gallery in 2006. Their task was to retrofit a very quiet air conditioning system into the building that would meet modern museum standards.

EBS solved all the problems thrown their way with grace, wisdom and good humour. EBS maintain the system, responding quickly to any queries and are always easy to deal with.

I would recommend EBS.

Richard Arlidge
Tauranga Art Gallery

Ballance Agri-Nutirents Limited Corportate office building - Mount Maunganui

Environmental Building Services Ltd won the tender to provide the energy saving VRV air conditioning system in our new corporate office building. We were very impressed with the professional service provided and are delighted with the end result. The system is very quiet, providing a nice "climate" to the offices.

EBS were very knowledgeable about the system and electronic controls, always wanting to achieve the best outcome. I would certainly recommend using EBS again.

Tony Bond-Smith
Engineering Manager - Ballance Agri-Nutirents
Ballance Agri-Nutirents Limited Corportate office building - Mount  Maunganui

Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre

EBS was involved with Econo Built Design Ltd on the recently completed Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre.

The project was done on a design build basis and EBS was able to comprehend the tender documentation provided to them, and was able to provide all the initiative and innovation required to price the project correctly.

They provided a professional service, always worked in well with us, whether on or off site. Their entire team was reliable and always showed a friendly 'can do' attitude, and came up with good suggestions whenever problem solving was required, and they completed their work on time.

We would recommend them to anyone looking for a thorough and experienced Mechanical Services Subcontractor.

Mark Egbers
Quantity Surveyor, Econobuilt Design Build
Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre


EBS were contracted by Marra to design and install an air conditioning system for the developers of the new 4 level office building at 525 Cameron Road ("The HUB").

As one of the tenants occupying The Hub we had to work closely with EBS to tailor the base build system to our requirements. This was not without it's challenges with limited ceiling space on both levels 2 and 3.

EBS worked hard with us, our interior achitect and Marra to satisfy all of our requirements being a system that was discreet, effective, within budget and within structural limitations.

Since moving in we have been very impressed with EBS's responsiveness when any fine tuning or servicing is required.

John Mackay
Partner - Holland Beckett

Analytica Laboratories Ltd

Analytica Laboratories Ltd commissioned EBS Ltd to design and build an air conditioning and air extraction system to meet the demanding needs of a commercial chemical testing laboratory. The requirements for the air conditioning system were to replenish large volumes of room air that are extracted by fume cupboards whilst maintaining constant temperature when instruments produce significant quantities of heat in a cyclical manner. Some rooms also required high-purity filtered air under positive pressure.

The solution was a networked hot air extraction system that removed heat from individual instruments, targeted fresh air intakes close to fume cupboards so as not to excessively deplete cooled or warmed room air, and individually-controlled on-wall air conditioners that maintained a constant room temperature.

EBS Ltd's approach to the challenge was thorough. First gaining an in-depth understanding of the extraordinary technical requirement, then designing a suitable technical solution and finally constructing and installing well chosen equipment that has definitely performed in practice.

Throughout the project, EBS Ltd's staff were easily approachable, receptive to ideas, informative and showed a high level of professionalism. I do not hesitate to recommend EBS Ltd as a company that can deliver on providing solutions for the most demanding environmental building challenges.

Terry Braggins
General Manager – Analytica Laboratories Ltd

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